Mindset shifts that elevate the Spirit

Elevate YOUniversity provides mentoring on a wide variety of topics to encourage and uplift your mind, body and Spirit. Community keeps you on track!
Mindset shifts that elevate the Spirit

Guided Meditations aid healing

A special section of the YOUniversity Library is dedicated to helping you get your zen on. Relax your mind, clear your energy, and get in your zone.
Guided Meditations aid healing

Here's what you get

You're never alone in your struggle with the Elevate YOUniversity Sisterhood to help you up

  • Video Mentoring

    Simple Energetic Life-Hacks to make your world a little more magical. Learn how to create a YOUniverse of ease and joy through simple energy "tricks," spiritual perspectives and inspired actions.

  • Powerful Energy Activations

    It's one thing to KNOW what you want to do and how you want to show up in the world. But what about the FEELINGS and energies that sometimes stand in the way? Activate your Original Blueprint of ease + joy in each session!

  • Fully Stocked Archive

    50+ video sessions available, 30+ audios, and a library of PDFs are available for easy reference. Your Elevated life awaits you!


  • What is Elevate YOUniversity?

    Put simply, it's like having a Spirit Guide in your pocket. Need an energy healing? Yep, we got that covered. Mindset in a muck? The YOUniversity has sessions to sort you out. Brain won't shut down at night? Listen to a guided meditation from the Zen Zone, and rest easy tonight. Elevate YOUniversity is your one-stop shop for an energetic and spiritual pick-me-up.

  • What does my membership include?

    Your membership includes: Access to the YOUniversity Library, a mind-boggling collection of spiritual and energetic life-hacks you never knew you needed, from energy healing, to EFT tapping, to Hypnosis Meditations. You'll also benefit from the sense of community in our exclusive Facebook Group. Recorded mentoring sessions, support, and celebration all happening at the tip of your fingers, 24/7 worldwide. How does it get any better than this? Join Elevate YOUniversity, and together we will discover what's possible!

  • What are Energy Mentoring Sessions like, and how long are they?

    As an energy healer, I often see very common ways that humans use their energy inefficiently. Either we waste energy trying to go down a dead-end, or fight ourselves over something irrelevant. Each mentoring session covers an everyday issue (such as fear that there won't be enough money to pay the bills) and offers simple solutions to stop the energy drain. Each mentoring session also includes an energy healing segment to clear the problem and activate a Divine solution. Most sessions run 45min to an hour.

  • How does Elevate YOUniversity fit with my religion/spirituality?

    Elevate YOUniversity is a non-denominational, yet deeply spiritual group of women. We come from many faiths and beliefs. Together we discover our own path, with support from a community that is committed to the truth of unconditional Love. If you believe that we are all connected as human beings, we live in harmony with the earth, and that all beings are worthy of love and respect... then our beliefs align.

  • Does energy healing really work from across the world?

    Absolutely! In fact, sometimes energy translates best through a video, where it grows and strengthens each time the video is watched and shared. Energy healing works on a quantum physics level... what happens in one space and time happens in all space and time... and if we tune into it, we can become aware of it. You can receive the healing anytime. Some of the healing sessions, the Tapping Rituals, are actually meant for YOU to move the energy yourself, so you're really the one doing the energy healing as you tap. I'm simply here to help you learn to guide your own energy and manage it efficiently. It's my honor to show you what works for me!

  • I'm no good at meditation. Can the YOUniversity help me?

    YES! The good news is, you don't have the be good at meditation in order to have a happy, peaceful, and fulfilling life. AND if meditation is something you'd like to learn how to do, the YOUniversity has a wide selection of guided meditations and healing sessions to start shifting your mind and energy into a more meditative state. The key to meditation is knowing that there is no objective or goal. Anything that happens (or doesn't) when meditating is ok. You can't mess up meditating! So join us to learn how to relax your mind and body, whether you ever successfully "meditate" or not. The majority of the sessions in the YOUniversity are energy healing and mentoring sessions, and don't require any abilities whatsoever.

  • Can I download the material in Elevate YOUniversity?

    YES! All of the video sessions have downloadable audio versions, so you can take the class on the go, even where you don't have wi-fi. All mp3 meditations, tapping sessions, and mentoring sessions are downloadable. All PDFs are downloadable. The only thing you can't download are the videos (and that's just so you can't rip me off and pretend to be me, as if anyone could imitate this weirdness!).

  • Why is the price so low? Will it go up?

    At $49 for lifetime membership, Elevate YOUniversity is the most affordable "one-stop-shop" for spiritual education, energy healing, and mentoring on the market. The price is low enough that women around the world can access the mentorship and support they need, without breaking the bank... regardless of the exchange rate. It may increase in the future as the program expands, but once a member, you will never pay another dime for Elevate YOUniversity, not even if I start charging $100/month. Don't worry though, that will never happen (probably).

  • Can I cancel my membership?

    Of course. We would hate to see you go, because each and every one of our members is an important part of our community, and our vibration is elevated because of YOU. However, if the membership isn't serving your needs, we send you on your way with joy, knowing that all your needs are met abundantly! Cancel your membership account and leave the community at any time.